Saturday, 24 January 2015

Wolf Hall and Washi tape.

Well the long awaited Wolf Hall started on Wednesday night. I had to watch it though I did feel a certain sense of defeat's taken me two years and I still haven't finished Wolf Hall and I have already bought bringing up the bodies, it's waiting on my kindle. I don't know what it is but I just can't read it, it's like wading through treacle. I've seen Hilary Mantel on TV and heard her on the radio and she was enthusiastic about art and this new TV series. I am so sorry but my brain just can't take the style. It's only the second book I've given up on. I just got to Liz's death on my kindle and we got to that bit in the TV in the first half hour. But I promise, yes I promise I'll watch the whole series. Thanks to sky plus.
On the crafting front, I am still liking the idea of fabric but I am no seamstress. I wish! But I bought some sticky fabric and made this card. Do crafts fabric plus washi tape, which is my staple craft diet at the mo.

Next job was a card and wrapping for my sisters impending birthday. I've sealed the card and I wrapped the present and put it in a plain brown bag and decorated it. I added a little badge from Waterstones and some luscious burlap and chalkboard embellishment. I am quite pleased with it. At least I have not yet succumbed to buying any cards, but it's still only January.

Catcha later


  1. Hi Kathryn thank you for sharing these gorgeous projects. Hugs Jackie

  2. great projects, the card is really fun

  3. Fabulous card and bag. just hopping by, Lizzie xx

  4. Lovely card love paper piecing too
    Linda x

  5. Fabulous card and bag, love the little bird

    Lorna xx

  6. Beautiful card and bag...great papers...Joolsx

  7. I have taped Wolf Hall as well but won't get round to watching it for a while. The card and bag looks amazing, I have seen a few projects in Pinterest using burlap so this is another project on my to do list x