Thursday, 15 January 2015

Resolution started

Already half way through January and the first snowfall has appeared. Winter is here at last. I did quite bit of crafting for Xmas, partly because I chose to make tags and fancy wrapping instead of a production line of cards.
My resolutions are simple, be grateful and try a new craft.
I have had a bit of a hare fascination for a while and spotted some lovely, but expensive cushions on Not on the High Street. I sue sited to Emma, that given her sewing skills, she might make me one for Xmas. But best laid plans, she is in the early and sickliest stage of a pregnancy. However I did get a lovely NOTHS one instead. Still, it niggled, so armed with some material and buttons I got from Joan, I decided to give appliqué a go. I just started by doing the panel and buying a cheap Cush from BHS and I am so pleased with the results.  Even the blanket stitch looks ok. So, there's the finished result. I reckon it cost under £10.00 so job done. Hope you like. Finished item plus initial preparation.

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