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Saturday, 21 February 2015

The nature of the blog

I was trying desperately to finish off a memory album for my sisters two girls in time for Easter. It is to compliment the family album I did for my Dad, which will eventually come to them. I needed to add in some reference to their paternal side, their granda and grandma Smithson. It's quite hard when you are scrapping a photo of someone you did not know well, so I decided to give my brother in law some blank journaling cards and asked him to tell his gils about his Dad, Harry.
This is the layout.
I used red, white and blue and military looking buttons to represent his army career, and vintage Heidi Swapp folder to hold what I hope will be emotional and thoughtful journaling. I chose a quotation from Henry V (took me back to my A level days) cry, God for Harry, England and St George as it represented his commitment to his country
It's strange the way your thought processes work though. I have always been passionate about literature and the written word in General, which is possibly why I combined creative writing with card making, into my scrapbooking. It just met all my creative needs. I really feel that's why blogs are good too.
For me, in this community, they fall into three categories.
The showcase blog, where crafters show their creations.
The my family and other animals blog,where crafters share a little bit of their personal life
The thoughts and musings blog, where there is a desire to add in creative thought, ideas and opinions, wider than just crafting.
That is why, when I view your blogs, I hope to do you the courtesy of making my comments appropriate to your blog type. If you want to show a creation, I will comment on it, but if your blog has more to say I will hopefully acknowledge the time you have taken to share.
Flip... This is a bit heavy. Time for milkshake and some Create and Craft.
Catcha later.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Stash buster extraordinaire

I have been making a card for my nieces birthday. I am trying to make all my cards this year and use some stash. I read this blog which suggested you spend some time going through your stash because you forget what you have. I was on the point of ordering some gelatos to play with when I remembered seeing my cheap box of pastels from the Works instead. So I used them and spent no money! Yay!
Here's the cards. One for Abi and another, just because I was on a roll.

Walter is introducing them I found some Gorjuss decoupage and toppers, some acetate wings from Crafty Individuals I bought eons ago, some black ribbon from a past Craft fare and some stickers from an ancient QVC TSV. I have also decided to use stash for making envelope liners and decorating the envelopes. Still If I live till I am 100, I will never get through it all. Tomorrow I will do a layout using some papers stuffed in a box.
It was a couple of hours well spent, as I recalled some purchases and fads in my OMG 12 years I think of crafting.
Catcha later.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Meet Walter de la Hare.....

This is Walter, name after the famous poet with the similar name. He is an altered hare. I bought him as a white bunny in the Range and transformed him into my crafting companion, there to introduce my projects and keep me on the straight and narrow with his wisdom. He wears some Einstein specs and a Poirot tache , his bunny tail remains strictly girlie pink, but it's not for viewing. Walter reflects my change to my blog title and looks on with a discerning gaze at my activities

Say Hi, Walter.

And so to the crafts.....

I did some journaling on Hares, with some quotes from Frances Pitt. The green hare is cut from a birthday card, and is by a fab artist whose name I donT know. It's Paperchase tapes, card and WAterstones badge, I made the fabric hare with Do crafts sticky fabric.
The second one is about being comforted, particularly by children when you try to calm there tears and they calm your soul in return. I found the poem in a second hand poetry book I bought recently. Can you tell we have an impending event in July. Our first grandchild. Looking forward to a happy summertime.

So throw those curtains wide...

On a day like was glorious today. Ten degrees and sunny. We went to the headland in Hartlepool for a walk and some fresh air. There were many walkers about but it wasn't crowded. I was looking for some bits of driftwood to try and frame my sea canvas at some point. Today was a day for shells, pebbles and sea glass but not much wood. Bobby wouldn't take me for pop and crisps in the tea rooms, but I enjoyed it all the same.
The title is from Elbow, by the way.

I am going to do some journaling this week. I am in card making mode, but no one to make one for at the moment. I end up with loads to give away, so I am resisting. So hard. I went into the Range yesterday and had to buy something even if it was just foam tape and pearly gluey stuff. Here are the little cards, Grace Taylor blanks, Dovecraft doily, the Works star em bellies and Do crafts free decoupage topper.
I didn't resist long, I had to have a little dabble. Even if it was just foam tape and pearly gluey stuff. Trying to focus on stash and not to buy, but it's so hard. Catcha later, Kat.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

I love the sea

It was strange reading Barbara Grays blog during the week. I took up her recommendation early last year to follow Jane Crosbys blog...and I have never regretted it. Jane was a crafter and a great blogger. Intelligent, humorous, open and truly decent. She often made me stop sweating the little things because life's too damn short as Jane knew. So Barbara had the idea, hence my post title to create art because of Jane and encourage crafting. I sent my OH down to the beach to gather some sea glass so I could start only my third arty type project. I loved the mess of the paint and the feel of the sea glass.
So this is the result. The photography once again let's it down ,but hey ho! Does it really matter.
Somewhere beyond the sea, Jane Crosby is smiling at me.

I used a gelli plate background with acrylics, gesso, sis six edgy die cut things, stickers,washi tape, gems, Clarity stencil and a nifty little stamp. The sea glass is from the our local beach and gives some real weight to the canvas. On top of this, that thick pastey stuff and mod podge.
Happy birthday Jane and great job ever.
Catcha later

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Had a nice day out in a chilly Durham yesterday. Invested some me time in browsing the brilliant Oxfam bookshop. They have tons of books, old and modern and they aren't necessarily cheap, but you know your purchase gives more than just personal pleasure. I found a 1942 publication about British nature. It's fabulous, about all those things we no longer hear much about. Dormice, stoats and meadow flowers. I decided to make it the star of my shelfie.

Billy Duff bear is keeping care of it until I get round to reading it.
Then what does Barbara Gray go and do ...but bring out a new set, featuring...yes hares. We'll I just have to have them despite my promise not to buy any more stash until mid March. Mad as the proverbial hare I must be.

So back to the subject of crafting. I make a card when one of the team get employee of the month. I try to keep them A6 size  and keep them quite simple. I picked up this feather die from HOTP on one of the magazines and had a bit play.
I wish I could get better at taking the photos though. Photography is not one of my strong points but never mind.
Anyhow, Catcha later, nearly time to call the midwife