Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Meet Walter de la Hare.....

This is Walter, name after the famous poet with the similar name. He is an altered hare. I bought him as a white bunny in the Range and transformed him into my crafting companion, there to introduce my projects and keep me on the straight and narrow with his wisdom. He wears some Einstein specs and a Poirot tache , his bunny tail remains strictly girlie pink, but it's not for viewing. Walter reflects my change to my blog title and looks on with a discerning gaze at my activities

Say Hi, Walter.

And so to the crafts.....

I did some journaling on Hares, with some quotes from Frances Pitt. The green hare is cut from a birthday card, and is by a fab artist whose name I donT know. It's Paperchase tapes, card and WAterstones badge, I made the fabric hare with Do crafts sticky fabric.
The second one is about being comforted, particularly by children when you try to calm there tears and they calm your soul in return. I found the poem in a second hand poetry book I bought recently. Can you tell we have an impending event in July. Our first grandchild. Looking forward to a happy summertime.


  1. Cuter Rabbit- I was in the Range on Saturday too. love your journal - I need to journal more !

  2. A lovely journal Kathryn . Just love Walter the Hare . I hope he gives you lots of inspiration