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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Birthdays, past and present

It's niece number 1's birthday on Saturday my sis asked me to make a card for her. So this is what came about. Using stash galore including flowers from an ancient TSV, sissix borders. A bead sticker from a discount shop, candidate, old lace stickers from Lakeland and bargain of the week, letters stickers from Home Bargains for 29p. Have you looked at the crafty stuff in HB. There's some good stuff to pick up. I bought a horseshoe to alter from their garden department and some acrylic bunting embellishments for under £1.00.
So it got me thinking about the girls and how quickly time is passing. I had this photo of them on Georgia's 8th birthday to scrap to finish off the memory album I've been making for them. Georgia is now almost 17 and Lacey is now 11. In the photo, Lacey is poised to blow out Georgia's candles and Georgia is pleading for someone to intervene. She wouldn't upset her little sis personally but would ask Mam to do it. Now it would just be a battle for girl power.
I used Theresa Collins papers and dis some fussy cutting, the sentiment is from a making Memories card and the trail of ladybirds came from HB a few months ago, 39p.

On a totally different subject. I watched the funeral of Richard 111 tonight on channel 4. Really surreal, but fascinating. At least the winter of our discontent is nearly over, looking forward to the light nights.
Catcha later.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Georgia's giraffe

It's niece number 1's birthday on Saturday. I had this idea to get my own back on her by doing a giraffe theme. It's a jokey thing because I find giraffes a bit pointless and clumsy.she bought me this ugly giraffe pen from South Africa last year so I thought I'd punish her with giraffes for birthday laughs. .it won't quite go with her personally chosen Disney Princess theme but it will have to do. As an aside, the cost of driving lessons these days, we've bought her two to go with then ten from her Mam and Dad.
Here's the card, I compromised with a fantasy giraffe instead of an ordinary one.

It's a decoupage giraffe from House of Zandra and the decoupage plants are also hers. I added some three d gluey stuff and glittered the giraffe. The kraft card and paper is Do crafts. Not sure where the diamond paper is from. Finally added a it washi and some photo corners from Paperchase. Quite pleases with it.
Got to attempt a Princess cupcake card next for her parents and want to design it and construct it rather than using a template, so I'm off to give it a go.
Catcha later

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I decided to have a go at decorating eggs. Previously it's always been with the nieces for their school projects but this time I thought I'd have a go at doing some pretty eggs for an Easter display.
Now if I boil eggs, they invariably crack so I decided to blow the eggs. And......I didn't crack a single one. Eggs shells, in complete form and Yorkshire puds to boot.. So here's the outcome.

They've all been done with decoupage paper from do crafts or tissue paper from Clintons. And I've just added ribbon, twine, flowers, rabbits from Paperchase, punched rabbits with a die from memory box, twigs from Anna Marie designs and various other bits and pieces. I had a great time playing and I'm going to play some more.
Went to GNPE at Harrogate at the weekend. Didn't need anything, bought lots. What happened to using the stash? Never mind.
And finally , our first grandchild, due July will be a boy. More shopping, yay!
Catcha later.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

High anxiety.

I managed to find some time this weekend to learn something new. I am a technophobe. I have a laptop, Mobile and I pad but I know I don't get the best from them. So I decided to get number one niece to show me how to download music onto my phone so I nan use the phone as a player when I am travelling by train. And she showed me and I practised and am pleased to day I am no longer a music download virgin.
So I thought I would journal in honour of my newly found skill by devoting a page to my playlist. Can't wait to learn some more.

Catcha later

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Simply Saturday

Haven't been too busy this week. Did not feel too much like crafting, but there's always something that gives a little inspiration. On the DC forum, a member asked whether anyone would make a card for her hubby as he doesn't have much family around. So who can resist? I also managed to do another random one. Quite into the red white and blue at the mo.

Walter seems quite pleased. I enjoyed doing the card for J. I don't have Mother's Day cards to do at this time of year, cos she's not around anymore, but making a card for anyone does make you feel good. You can't escape the fact that it is an emotional activity.
Just back from Durham armed with  two farmers wife market stall cakes and two bottles of Pinot Grigio. Simple Saturday! Yay!
Catcha later

Sunday, 1 March 2015


I was watching a documentary the other night on Joy Division and the lead up to the suicide of Ian Curtis. It was 1980 and I was in sixth form struggling with decisions about the future and thinking John Paul Sarttre was right all along, we were all playing a part in the life play called Waiting for Godot and teenage angst was trendy. A few years later retrospectively thinking about the death of someone who was musically so talented but also deeply unhappy, got me out of that way of thinking and made me determined to be an optimist. Still I walloed in Atmosphere and thought of my youth, and how I thought I knew it all. Now at 51 , of course I know I don't know it all but am glad to still be learning and still being an optimist.
I like the creative stuff, not destructive and cynical, hence the love of craft.
Did these two cards. One for Easter and one for a 60th birthday.

The first is a Lotv topper, Dovecraft doily,kaiser craft stamp, the Works wooden word and some Paperchase photo corners.
The second uses some free papers and toppers from Making Cards, an egg die form X cuts, ribbon,burlap and bakers twine. Walter is quite pleased with them both.
Anyone going to GNPE in Harrogate. Will see you there Godot willing!
Catcha later