Sunday, 8 March 2015

High anxiety.

I managed to find some time this weekend to learn something new. I am a technophobe. I have a laptop, Mobile and I pad but I know I don't get the best from them. So I decided to get number one niece to show me how to download music onto my phone so I nan use the phone as a player when I am travelling by train. And she showed me and I practised and am pleased to day I am no longer a music download virgin.
So I thought I would journal in honour of my newly found skill by devoting a page to my playlist. Can't wait to learn some more.

Catcha later


  1. Fabulous - it's always good to learn new skills!

  2. Congrats on learning how to download and what a fabulous journal page to remember it with.

  3. Super cute pages.

    Hugs diane