Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Georgia's giraffe

It's niece number 1's birthday on Saturday. I had this idea to get my own back on her by doing a giraffe theme. It's a jokey thing because I find giraffes a bit pointless and clumsy.she bought me this ugly giraffe pen from South Africa last year so I thought I'd punish her with giraffes for birthday laughs. .it won't quite go with her personally chosen Disney Princess theme but it will have to do. As an aside, the cost of driving lessons these days, we've bought her two to go with then ten from her Mam and Dad.
Here's the card, I compromised with a fantasy giraffe instead of an ordinary one.

It's a decoupage giraffe from House of Zandra and the decoupage plants are also hers. I added some three d gluey stuff and glittered the giraffe. The kraft card and paper is Do crafts. Not sure where the diamond paper is from. Finally added a it washi and some photo corners from Paperchase. Quite pleases with it.
Got to attempt a Princess cupcake card next for her parents and want to design it and construct it rather than using a template, so I'm off to give it a go.
Catcha later

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