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Friday, 11 July 2014 the history

I haven't blogged for ages. A potted history, in the last 4years I have cared for 2 elderly relatives in hospital for 20 weeks each, their subsequent loss, 2 Operations (1including potential risk to my life), 3 of our girls murdered on New Year's Day 2012 and now watching my husband and family's pain daily. But crafting is a respite and it captures the most important memories. It provides comfort and therapy. It leads to communication and friendships.
Here's a couple of pages featuring our lovely girls. Their beauty is ever present.

May they rest in peace.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Been gone a while

It's been a long time. Almost 3 years. I can't find my old blog and I haven't worked out how to add a picture yet. But it has to be time to start anew. I might even tell what's been going onOld blog link is here. It might work. I would be sorry to lose it. Did this page today, part of an album I am making for my nieces, Georgia and Lacey. Try the old link again. My old blog