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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Our first gay wedding.

We are so looking forward to the marriage of our niece Katie and her partner Joanne. My OH keeps up to date with them on Facebook and what is so obvious is the fact that they embrace life. They are lovely people so am hoping the weather is kind and the day goes smoothly for them. I bought a new outfit (any excuse) so I might drop a photo in. You could use it for Halloween because it will feature my Grim Reaper hat.
I made a card with a kraft base and Bellisima paper and decoupage from Do Crafts. Added some cheap nail art embellishments bought for £1 in Primark. They are diddly but great to look at. I wrapped the present in Kraft and made paper roses by drawing round a plate and inserting scrunched navy tissue paper. Inspired by Sylvie Jolie. Google her she's so talented. Then 2 punched tags and insect stickers from Paperchase. I love these little stickers. Washi tape also from Paperchase.

Catcha later.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The great Blackhall bake off

Ok so I have no competition, which is just as well. I am not a baker. I will always have a go and can do some pretty good home made stuff, but I am not good at cakes. I want to make something for the Macmillan Coffee Morning in two weeks time so I had a go at this:

It's rose, pistachio and lime. Decorated with cream cheese icing and rose petals and chopped pistachios. Tastes quite nice so I'll give it another go and hope it sells.
But on to crafting. This is my final layout from our Krakow trip. No more of this I promise, but I had to capture it. it's my O H laying a white rose on the Holocaust memorial.

I kept it very simple. Some Old stickers from Lakeland and grey bazill. I didn't think it warranted a comment as the subject is just too big. I added the lace stickers as I observed some elderly ladies making lace at the Krakow craft market. And it reminded me of delicate souls, being cared least I believe they are.
It's GNR day; just fills you with warmth seeing these people running to raise money. OH couldn't do it this year but was there supporting Hartlepool Hospice and the lads running for them

Catcha later