Sunday, 4 February 2018

Grown up lads

I looked back on some earlier posts and found one called a pair of slippers. This showed Combat and Blitz as young adults, asleep and looking like those novelty slippers you get at Christmas. Time flies. Look at the little critters now. Still fluffy and gorgeous.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

The old and the new.

Hols in London once again but so much to see and do including visits to Kensington palace and the Tower. I could not believe how amazing it was to see the Crown jewels and get up close to them. It was with a tinge of sadness I saw the exhibition of Diana's dresses including the one she wore when dancing with John Travolta. It's good to see the old and the new. Life goes on and then have a cup of tea

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Golden monkey and golden memories.

So I decided to try the much raved about Korean beauty products. Well I tried one. A lip treatment of all things. 3 easy steps, yeah right. Step 1. Scrub. Sloppy slimey and not very scrubby. Now step 2, the gel mask. Floppy,gluey  and gross. It's difficult to stop me talking for 15 minutes but it fell apart and I had it all over my face and on my t shirt. Step 3 honey balm. Honey,It was not very tasty. My lips feel post chips without the satisfaction. So I will be sticking to burts bees, Vaseline and Kiko lip scrub for the time being. On

a different note. My elderly neighbours are in a care home. Together but have had to leave their family home. They appeared yesterday in their lovely garden. I think they may have temporarily escaped so I just kept a watchful eye. I am devastated to lose my neighbours after 24 years and in sad circumstances. Seeing them together and knowing they'll have some good memories was good but I'll miss them.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Motivated me?

I can't remember the last time I blogged. 2 grandchildren ago. Now post menopausal, still working full time. What happened to my plans? Little cardmaking ladies but still creating when I can and a bit of journaling. It's nearly holiday time so I might do a little travel blogging who knows. Nice to be back though.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father,dear Father.

I am getting old . I remember that TV series. But the reason the title came to mind I because I have two fathers in my life. My own Dad, Jack. And my husband Bobby, who is a Dad for whom I have Father's Day responsibilities. My Dad is at the stage, at 78, where he has all the things he wants and needs, which leaves us with a problem on birthdays, Xmas Etc. Thank goodness for Gillette. He's interested in Churchill (the great leader, not the insurance company) at the moment, but my sis got in first and bought him some history DVDs. My husband on the other hand, always appreciates music, so I bought him a punk rock cd. He can dead fly to Jilted John, all he wants. I buy for Bobby because his daughter is unable to do so as she has learning difficulties.
So I made a couple of cards.

Wellington from Do Crafts is always handy, and I combined it with K and Co papers, Do crafts paper and Melissa Francis stickers.
To all those Dads out there, and to those sadly passed. Many thoughts and blessings.

Me and my Dad considering ice cream in the Hard Rock Cafe in Krakow.

Catcha later, Kat

Monday, 15 June 2015

Bucket list, bronchitis, birthday and betrayal.

We went to London for a break. Took in some shows and saw some of the sights, but I also got to tick two things off of the old bucket list.
One was to visit Liberty of London and take a look round their amazing haberdashery. It's so beautiful and I shall go back to spend more time there. They have an amazing hanging display made with some of their amazing fabric.
I was naughty and bought a few bits and pieces.
And so to the recurrence of the chest infection that floored me over Easter and put paid to crafting for almost a month. But it wasn't so bad second time round.
So when I did get round to some scrapping, I settled  on pictures of my other bucket list tick: a visit to the Natural history museum to see Dippy the Diplodocus before they replace him with a Blue whale.

Kept this one simple with some quality postcards, K and Co paper and some chipboard stickers from Maggie Holmes. I am now back in the zone. Even did some Father's Day cards, prepped a couple of project life spreads and did a mini journal of the London trip.
And finally a thought or more a question. When someone turns out to be less of the person you admired, but has not offended you personally, is it a betrayal or just a disappointment.

Catcha later. I'm off to comment on some blogs.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Family, friends, funerals and (uptown) funk.

I haven't blogged for a while. Flippin' flu and a chest infection. Man! A lot can happen in five weeks. Had time off work and spent the week fighting the flu, back to work, my cousin died suddenly which was a real shocker, chest infection and possible pneumonia. Fortunately it wasn't.
But it picks up. Me and OH went to a friends leaving the army do. It was a formal event so I had to have a long frock. It's a nightmare to get a long dress for a short a**e like me. They are all designed for the taller frame. Still eventually got one and together with Mr Dapper, just call me Bond, we had a good time.

This was fooled a couple of days later by another journey down souff for my cousins funeral. Sad that it's the only time we see some family, when we are saying goodbye to another. Yesterday, it would have been Tanya's birthday (28th) and so sad she's no longer with us. But a family barbie and catch up was the order of the day.
I also spent some time with an old friend ( Yes, Julie. I mean you) it's good that some things are constant in your life and good friends do the job just fine. But onto the crafts. I wanted to make Jules a card and I decided to be more focused on the process. I have always liked words, inspirational and  poetic. That's how I started making cards. I wrote someone a poem and wanted to present it nicely. It developed from there and I came up with my " Word Therapy" idea. I got a stamp made in Staples and started making bespoke cards targeted at a particular person with appropriate words to go with it. But it's ages sine I've done it, so making a card for Julie was the ideal opportunity. This is the card, obviously the words inside are personal. Stamp from the Range, coloured with Spectrum Noirs and embellished with Do Crafts Birdsong paper.

"Word Therapy" is owned by Kathy Hardman. Not for snaffling