Sunday, 1 February 2015


Had a nice day out in a chilly Durham yesterday. Invested some me time in browsing the brilliant Oxfam bookshop. They have tons of books, old and modern and they aren't necessarily cheap, but you know your purchase gives more than just personal pleasure. I found a 1942 publication about British nature. It's fabulous, about all those things we no longer hear much about. Dormice, stoats and meadow flowers. I decided to make it the star of my shelfie.

Billy Duff bear is keeping care of it until I get round to reading it.
Then what does Barbara Gray go and do ...but bring out a new set, featuring...yes hares. We'll I just have to have them despite my promise not to buy any more stash until mid March. Mad as the proverbial hare I must be.

So back to the subject of crafting. I make a card when one of the team get employee of the month. I try to keep them A6 size  and keep them quite simple. I picked up this feather die from HOTP on one of the magazines and had a bit play.
I wish I could get better at taking the photos though. Photography is not one of my strong points but never mind.
Anyhow, Catcha later, nearly time to call the midwife


  1. I love your shelfie photo! Such a pretty card, love the feathers x

  2. Very pretty card, just hopping by. Lizzie xx