Friday, 10 October 2014

Busy busy busy

Had a couple of days off work so it was time to do some crafting. I went to Harrogate last week and bought lots of stuff I didn't need, but got some bargains. I don't make many Christmas cards but a select few do get one. For me card making is about having someone in mind for  the make and design. Every year I try and make the 2 Nieces a card that's a bit different. Last year I did advent easels which were nicely displayed but the ragged by the 2 little beastie Shih Tzus. So this year I opted for something that would hang on the wall.
May I present Georgia and Lacey Xmas skulls.
I used Mdf shapes, papers to compliment my sisters colour scheme, mod podge, bling, die cuts, feathers etc.

I just need to add some ribbon to the back.
On a different note. I have been following a blog by Spain jane. This amazingly honest and talented blogger is terminally ill and now deteriorating rapidly. If you ever need to remember to give thanks for the time  you have, please read her blog. It is inspirational.
I've even done some stamping. Wonders will never cease. But that's for a later blog.

Catcha later

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