Sunday, 30 July 2017

Golden monkey and golden memories.

So I decided to try the much raved about Korean beauty products. Well I tried one. A lip treatment of all things. 3 easy steps, yeah right. Step 1. Scrub. Sloppy slimey and not very scrubby. Now step 2, the gel mask. Floppy,gluey  and gross. It's difficult to stop me talking for 15 minutes but it fell apart and I had it all over my face and on my t shirt. Step 3 honey balm. Honey,It was not very tasty. My lips feel post chips without the satisfaction. So I will be sticking to burts bees, Vaseline and Kiko lip scrub for the time being. On

a different note. My elderly neighbours are in a care home. Together but have had to leave their family home. They appeared yesterday in their lovely garden. I think they may have temporarily escaped so I just kept a watchful eye. I am devastated to lose my neighbours after 24 years and in sad circumstances. Seeing them together and knowing they'll have some good memories was good but I'll miss them.

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