Monday, 4 May 2015

Family, friends, funerals and (uptown) funk.

I haven't blogged for a while. Flippin' flu and a chest infection. Man! A lot can happen in five weeks. Had time off work and spent the week fighting the flu, back to work, my cousin died suddenly which was a real shocker, chest infection and possible pneumonia. Fortunately it wasn't.
But it picks up. Me and OH went to a friends leaving the army do. It was a formal event so I had to have a long frock. It's a nightmare to get a long dress for a short a**e like me. They are all designed for the taller frame. Still eventually got one and together with Mr Dapper, just call me Bond, we had a good time.

This was fooled a couple of days later by another journey down souff for my cousins funeral. Sad that it's the only time we see some family, when we are saying goodbye to another. Yesterday, it would have been Tanya's birthday (28th) and so sad she's no longer with us. But a family barbie and catch up was the order of the day.
I also spent some time with an old friend ( Yes, Julie. I mean you) it's good that some things are constant in your life and good friends do the job just fine. But onto the crafts. I wanted to make Jules a card and I decided to be more focused on the process. I have always liked words, inspirational and  poetic. That's how I started making cards. I wrote someone a poem and wanted to present it nicely. It developed from there and I came up with my " Word Therapy" idea. I got a stamp made in Staples and started making bespoke cards targeted at a particular person with appropriate words to go with it. But it's ages sine I've done it, so making a card for Julie was the ideal opportunity. This is the card, obviously the words inside are personal. Stamp from the Range, coloured with Spectrum Noirs and embellished with Do Crafts Birdsong paper.

"Word Therapy" is owned by Kathy Hardman. Not for snaffling

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