Saturday, 23 August 2014

A most difficult subject

We went to Krakow recently. Whilst we were there, we visited Auschwitz/Birkenau. I knew it would be a difficult experience and at one point I almost didn't go. It's almost not right being a tourist there, but it is right to use the visit to remember the terrible loss and atrocities committed. It also forces you into a level of uncomfortable introspection. In their shoes, the terrible pain,and loss of whole families. You also question politics, morality, humanity and the importance of learning from history.
I did this page using postcards of the iconic imagery of the camps, which many of us of an age will recognise. I added some facts to the burlap bag, facts which hit like a ton of bricks. The paper is from the Gorjuss range and the burlap is also Do crafts. I got the replica ghetto pass from Schindlers. Factory museum and used black fibre and staples to represent the barbed wire. I only added a touch of yellow and white to represent remembrance and peace.

Go peacefully and never forget. More soon. Catcha later.

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